Collect Books

A simple donation of one or more books can help us create a library. We accept English books between grade levels 1-10 or any books in French, Arabic, or Urdu.

Start a HER Club

By starting a HER club you can...

  • Inform people of the educational challenges girls face in developing countries. 

  • Involve people by collecting books, gathering funds, and organizing events.

  • Connect with people in your local community and across the nation who are passionate about helping girls further their education.

Spread the word

By engaging more people, we can create more change at a faster pace. Encourage your friends, family members, or anybody who is interested to start a book drive, host a fundraiser, or make a small donation to help us fund the libraries. Share, like, and follow us on social media, too! 

"Every person regardless of background or circumstance has the potential to make change for others."- Hannah 


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